Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beginning With the End in View

Most of us are familiar with GPS and use it to get to where we want to go.  I absolutely love my GPS.  I used to get lost on a routine basis before getting it, but now all I have to do is unput the location to which I desire to go and the GPS will calculate the route for me.  I can even make choices about the route, such as, the shortest route, minimize highway travel, exclude a specifice roads, and so forth.  The GPS identifies where I am and then caculates the directions, distance, and time for me to get to my goal.

I see life coaching as a GPS for life goals.  It begins with the SMART goal and then through "action steps" a route is charted for attaining that goal.  The coach is the voice that reminds us of the steps and actions that we need to take to reach our goal. 

The GPS does not set the destination, we do.  The GPS can only tell us where we should turn, but it cannot force us to stay on the course.  Our commitment to get to our destination will determine whether or not we will listen to the guidance given by the GPS.  Likewise, the coach does not set our goals, in fact, the coach does not even set the action steps, we do.  The coach is merely the voice that provices Support, Encouragement, and Accountabilty as we move toward our goal.

Too often we have a dream, a goal that we desire to reach, but often we get way off course and find ourselves either giving up on our goals, or taking the long, long, way to the goal.  As a result we rob ourselves of years of success that could have been ours if we'd had someone to remind us of our goal and to provide the guidance we needed to get there in a timely manner.

A life coach is a GPS for life in that he or she is a Guide for Personal Success.  If you need such a guide in reaching your dreams and attaining your goals, I am ready to be your GPS.

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