Friday, January 6, 2012

How can you use coaching in everyday life?  The questions raised during coaching are applicable in many venues of life.  For example, as a faculty member of Beulah Heights University I am often advising students concerning degree and course choices, as well as providing coaching concerning vocational choices.  After completing the coaching program I find myself asking more questions than giving answers.  Usually, as students consider the right questions, they come to their own answers.

Also, as a pastor I now find myself in what were once counseling situations, only now I am more likely to use coaching techniques rather than typical counseling methods.  It is always empowering for people when they define their own dreams and chart their own strategic plan for achieving those goals.  

As a life coach I am not that sage advisor who pours out reams of wisdom, but I am someone who helps to turn the mirror back upon the the other person so that they can examine their own life, motives, goals and dreams.  Even as a parent I am in a place where I can talk to my children in such a way that they are allowed to dream their own dreams and move toward goals that they choose.

God has a plan for every life and when a person is encouraged to look at how God has already been working and consider what this means in terms of God's giftings and the talents in their lives.  This is usually a good way to determine the trajectory of their life in terms of God's will and plan for their future.


  1. Life Coaches vary from other forms of self-help and therapy by offering a fresh outlook on your basic needs – whether it is support, partnership or the simple know-how to move past issues that are slowing you down or have you stopped up completely. Most people, in a very short time are able to remove the roadblocks in their lives to gain more insight and realize the fun and success they truly desire and deserve.

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  2. Being a good fortunate is good thing but having ability of achieving anything is best thing, many people wonder about, why they have not been so good in things with realization of that they have in fact talent also. Then there comes a need for a life coach like who could possible guide such deserted souls to their destination.